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  For the best results, use tranquileyes daily for at least two weeks. 

Tranquileyes Eye Hydrating Therapy

Instruction for Using thermoeyes with tranquileyes:

Moist heat therapy with thermoeyes
Use to hydrate all eyes – especially chronic dry eyes and sensitive surrounding skin:

1. Remove thick gray moisture pad inserts from goggle, leaving outer ring of foam in place.

2. Soak thermo-pads (thin white foam pads) in warm filtered water for 30 seconds.

3. Remove thermoeyes gel packs from package.

4. Bend the metal disc inside the thermoeyes packet back and forth several times. This action will ‘activate’ the thermoeyes, generating heat.

5. When thermoeyes start activating, insert one into each eye cover.

6. Press the thermoeyes against the back of the tranquileyes eye cover.

7. Place moistened thermo-pad on top of the thermoeyes (foam touches the eye).

8. Place goggles over the eyes and gently pull the head band over the back of your head to secure.

9. Wear up to 60 minutes.

* If you suffer from Chronic Dry Eyes, apply dose of artificial tears and/or ointments to eyes prior to placing goggle over eyes.

Reusing thermoeyes:

The thermoeyes pack will harden after it has been activated to generate heat. The sodium acetate inside the packet crystallizes. The process of crystallizing is what generates the heat. Thermoeyes need to be ‘reactivated’ after every use when using them to generate heat. 

To reactivate, pour water in a pot (about half full), and place pot on stove. Bring water to a boil. Place thermoeyes in continuous boiling water for five minutes. Make sure the thermoeyes are completely submerged in water (if the water line gets too low the thermoeyes will melt). Boiling dissolves the crystals inside the thermoeyes, returning them to their liquid state. 

Once the thermoeyes have returned to their liquid state, remove from boiling water with spatula and place on towel to cool. After thermoeyes have cooled completely, they are ready to reuse (typically 30 minutes). Thermoeyes can be reactivated hundreds of times. Never place in microwave!

Cold therapy (to reduce eye puffiness and alleviate sinus and migraine headaches)

1. Place thermopads in cold filtered water.

2. Place thermoeyes pack in the freezer for 10 minutes.

3. Remove thermoeyes from freezer and gently press them inside the tranquileyes eye covers.

4. Place moistened thermopads over thermoeyes.

5. Wear as long as comfortable. Not recommended for sleep.

6. Thermoeyes do not have to be ‘reactivated’ if using for cold treatment.

Further enhance your experience with tranquileyes waters

After following the steps for moist heat therapy or cold therapy, mist the thermo-pads with any one of our tranquileyes waters (Relax, Puffy eye, and Age Defense) and enjoy a multitude of hydrating benefits for the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes.

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