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Dogeared Jewelry's mission is "Putting good energy into the world one jewel at a time.

DOGEARED Jewelry was founded in 1991 and combined a passion for beautiful design and the desire to send good energy to the world. The jewelry is inspired by the hip, casual and unique California lifestyle.

Jewels To Go carries several styles including Dogeared's best known creation the Make-A-Wish necklaces. To quote Dogeared, "These necklaces are ready to bring love and a little magic into the life of the wearer...simply make a wish when you put on the necklace, and when the necklace wears off (they are on a silk string), your wish is ready to come true! (and no, breaking the string yourself will not rush the wish!) loved by stylists, celebrities and fashion mags...the gift to give!!"

We also carry some of the newer styles on sterling silver chains! These are wonderful and meaningful pieces of jewelry that anyone would love to have! Each necklace comes on a card with a meaningful thought/wish for the wearer. All of the charms are sterling silver unless specified as gold dipped.

Limited Edition Karma
Limited Editiona 16" sterling silver kind heart and karma necklace. Comes with box.


Peaceful Love
Sterling Silver Peace Charm and Gold dipped Heart on 18" Sterling Silver chain.


Wish Big
Sterling Silver Wishbone charm on 16" sterling silver chain.


What A Wonderful World
Antique World charm on 18" sterling silver chain.


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