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Twist and Pout lip balmsare made in the USA and are exclusively patented and formed for your inner trend setter. This stylish sphere is bound to be the envy of lip addicts everywhere. Packed with the latest and greatest in pucker protection technology, Twist & Pout delivers a crucial combination of oils, butters and full spectrum UVA/UVB lip armor, improving the condition of lips while protecting them from the sun.

Best of all,the one-of-a-kind SP-20 lip moisturizer is now a must-have fashion accessory. Use the new lip clip to clip it on handbags, backpacks, belt loops, gym bag and more to make a statement.

And you will not believe how great it works! Absolutely amazing!

Purchase on a lip clip. The re-usable clip can be attached to a new ball or buy a spare balm so you can switch out your lip balm with another design. The new and improved flavor is yummy!!! Drenched in notes of orange, lemon and honey, our new flavor is deliciously light, not cloying or annoying. No petroleum and PETA approved.

Also the new dual personalities are packaged as two lip balms with one clip and they come with special flavors.

Twist and Pouts are great to have and also great to give. Treat your friends and family to these terrific moisturizing and fashionable lip balms....everyone will love it!!!

Deep Sea Wishing Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Lip Tide Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Coral Arrangement Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Nautical Smile with Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

New Wave Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Shelladonna Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Tails of the Sea Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

Very Upscale Lip Balm with Clip

$ 9.50

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