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Knockwood - for GOOD LUCK!
Knockwood - How many times have you wished for good luck by saying "Knock on wood"? How many times have you found no wood to knock on? So you knock on plastic, stone, glass, or even...your head!

Now compromising your luck by knocking on anything but wood is a thing of the past. Because knockwood comes in four different kinds of luck: The Block, Keychain, Magnet, and The Executive.

They make the most perfect gifts and they're perfect for your home, your office, or whereever your luck may depend on it.

Knockwood Keychain

Knockwood Magnet

Knockwood The Block

Knockwood The Executive


Flying Ace Monkey Bender - Blue
Flying Ace Monkey Bender - Blue. The monkey sits in an airplane which can be suspended from the ceiling or sit on a desk.


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Yoga Joe Bender
Yoga Joe


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