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Over 160 + color combinations of zulugrass...be sure to look at all 30 pages. New COLORS POSTED June, 2020!

Now carrying the latest Zulugrass Long which is 33" and the new activewear Zulugrass Sport (7" and 15"). Just fabulous!!! You will find them at the end of the zulugrass right before the zuluwood.

Full Body Zulugrass Jewelry from the Leakey Collection (Philip and Katy Leakey)

Zulugrass Jewelry are made of natural grass beads dyed rich hues of colors are combined with sparking czech glass beads.  Handcrafted by the Maasai Women of Kenya, this colorful, fun, and unique Maasai zulugrass jewelry can be worn in single or multiple strands in many ways such as a necklace, hair tie, bracelet or an anklet.

Designed by Philip and Katy Leakey (the Leakey Collection of Kenya), Maasai Zulugrass jewelry and zuluwood are products of the Leakey Collection.  Purchase of Zulugrass jewelry and zuluwood provides economic opportunity for the Maasai women and their families.  Dedicated to protecting the environment, the Philip and Katy Leakey (the Leakey Collection) make sure all natural materials in their products come from an environmentally sustainable source in Kenya. Zulugrass is strung on elastic developed for the movie "Spider Man", the stongest available.  One or more zulugrass tags will be sent with your order. The zulugrass tag demonstrates a variety of ways to wear these wonderful strands of zulugrass jewelry designed by Philip and Katy Leakey.

We also offer the terrific Zulugrass earrings and the Multistrand zulugrass necklaces.  Multistrand zulugrass necklaces have multiple strands of zulugrass in varying combinations on an adjustible length cord.  Multistrand zulugrass necklaces can be worn as a choker or as a longer style necklace.

Be sure to check out the ZULUWOOD which is advertized in In Style Magazine July, 2008 issue.

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  $8.50 /per regular 27" zulugrass strand. $10.00 /per Zulugrass Long 33" strand. $13.50 /per 3 strand 7" zulugrass sport or 2 strand 15" zulugrass sport. $12.00 / per Zulugrass 24 kt gold strand


Maasai Zulugrass jewelry strands are approximately 27".  Zulgrass jewelry and it's elements are handcrafted products so colors may vary slightly in both grass and hand blown glass beads.  Styles may vary slightly due to availability of hand blown glass beads.




Each page has up to 8 wonderful color combinations of Maasai zulugrass.. You can page through the catalog by going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on First, Prev, Next, or Last. There are many pages of zulugrass ... please be sure to look at all of the colors.   At the end of the single strand zulugrass you will find the terrific and rich multistrand zulugrass necklaces. 

Each strand is 8.50. First price increase since 2002.

Zulugrass Bracelet Clasp
Twist strands and then fold in half. Join both ends of the loop with this Bracelet Clasp. Comes in silver-tone.


Zulugrass Necklace Clasp
Twist strands and use the necklace clasp to join both ends of the loops in the back of your neck (as pictured).

$ 20.00 . Temporarily out of stock

Sea Shore Zulugrass

Butternut Zulugrass

African Grass Zulugrass
No longer available

Clear Sky Zulugrass

Copper Zulugrass

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